We transform ordinary cardboard into a pass to the World of Entertainment.
We offer playing cards in accordance with the individual expectations of our clients. At the same time, we care about giving the items durability. Cards are very often an indispensable element of any game, it is also an ideal medium for advertising. We also have a unique offer for the production of playing cards in low volumes under 500 pieces. We will produce up to 10 tiles for you with your individual graphic design.



• 250 gr/m2

• 300 gr/m2

• 350 gr/m2


• 280 gr/m2

• 305 gr/m2

• 320 gr/m2

• 350 gr/m2

• 390 gr/m2


• 390 gr/m2


• 44 x 78 mm

• 50 x 90 mm

• 56 x100 mm

• 58 x 88 mm

• 59 x 92 mm



• 59 x 102 mm

• 61 x 112mm

• 63 x 88 mm

• 66 x 100 mm

• 70 x 120 mm

If you are looking for cards in non-standard formats, please contact us.


· Dispersion varnish coating,

· Glossy varnish,

· UV varnish,

· Gliding,

· Metalizer,

· Hot stamping.

Plastic and Wooden Games elements

We offer individual solutions in the field of wooden and plastic games elements. We do our best to ensure the best possible representation of individual elements. We care about the right colors, clear outlines and the right finish of individual items. We offer dices, pawns, figures. We approach each order individually, with commitment and professionalism.

Our portfolio also includes such games elements as:

• cotton bags

• vacuum trays

• sand timers

• bells

• chips

• dices cups

• card trays

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We are faster and more flexible than you are used to.


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