We focus on high-quality materials, as well as proven in many years of experience and constantly modernized production technology.

We use the highest quality cardboard and various thicknesses depending on which age group the product is directed to.

We offer tools at very good prices and that’s why we are able to produce a product in any size with any number of elements.

We offer:

  • pendants,
  • pads for cups,
  • cardboard games
  • inserts,
  • binders,
  • cardboard packagings
  • cardboard books for kids
  • finishings
  • and others.


We produce cardboard packaging made of high quality materials, using modern machines. The packaging is not only very practical but also durable and aesthetic.

As a manufacturer of cardboard packaging, we are aware of the fact that boxes for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry must meet high standards, why we care about the correct process of their production.

We guarantee the functionality, durability and high aesthetics of our products, as well as the preparation of even very large expenditures with excellent repeatability.

● a wide range of materials used

● modern printing techniques

● variety of packaging forms

● one and two-piece packaging

● packaging with a cross or automatic bottom

● ornamentation

● hot stamping, windows

● stamping in Braille, etc.

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