We will change your vision, plans and ideas into reality.

We give a life to the developed concept. We do our best to ensure the best possible representation of the smallest details. We pay particular attention to the quality of workmanship. We care about the right colors, clear outlines and the right finish of individual items. We approach each order individually, with commitment and professionalism. We provide full substantive support.

We use our technical and technological facilities to handle publishing board games, educational and speech therapy games. We create whole sets, and part of this production goes to European markets like Germany, Denmark, France or Belgium. For this reason, we attach great importance to the precision of the individual components and the highest quality of the products. We take care of accurate reproduction of graphics and details in accordance with the files provided to us by Investors. We are also a reliable subcontractor for many recognized European manufacturers of board games



We use the highest quality cardboard and various thicknesses depending on which age group the product is directed to.

We offer tools at very good prices and that’s why we are able to produce a product in any size with any number of pieces.

We offer:

– Baby Puzzle (made of thicker cardboard 3 mm or 4 mm)

– Puzzles for children – low-pieces

– Puzzles for Adults: 200pcs, 500pcs, 1000pcs, 1500pcs, 2000pcs 

– Frame puzzles

– Puzzle on the pad (advertising)

– Memory games – pieces left in the form or punched out by us and inserted into the box / inserted in accordance with the Customer’s guidelines

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